T  O  I  L  E 

Self-taught painting with an instinctive style. To the non-conformist Personality, his works are just as important. Working with acrylic, each of his paintings is unique, and appears as a fight, a reflection of these moods, a close encounter with the material from which a will arises: reveals the deepest of these feelings through the lines and color. Most of Manu's work revolves around monumental abstract art. The choice of colours, the application of matter or objects, and the vivacity of the gesture are always made in order to show the world its vision of life beyond appearances. His works capture and transcend the depth of feelings and the complexity of emotions that disrupt life. His subtle representations address the duality of the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the intangible. In this sense, Manu Reas pushes each of us to reflect, as in these couture collections, to introspection, on what we see ourselves, what life is trying to hide and who we really are.