M  A  N  U     R  E  A  S

Manu Reas is a young Parisian fashion designer and also a passionate painter. He has always lived in the very demanding world of fashion since he was a child. His first pencil strokes, he was recognized as having elegant, personal, and assertive features. These laudatory words were launched while he was working alongside great fashion designers, such as Isabel Marant, Claudine Ivari and also John Galliano. The feedback and encouragement made him want to dream bigger.

In 2012, during his studies, he decided to create his own brand "Reas Paris" dedicated to bow ties. He reinvents this accessory by breathing energy and modernity into it until it gives it a strong individuality. The success of his collection was such that he began to make a name for himself. This made it possible to awaken in him a desire to go further, in order to reveal the vision he has on sewing.

In 2013, the young fashion designer decided to create a Street Wear Chic line of clothes that he named the line "M as Modulable" and also in reference to his first name: Manu. Through a system of zips, this modular line gives everyone the freedom to mix their own style and colours. Manu Reas thus invents a functional and casual garment, combining innovation and sophistication.

2014 was marked by several events, including the creation of a dress for Frida Marzouk for the Césars ("La vie d'Adèle"). It was also the year when, supported by the support of professionals and fashion enthusiasts, Manu Reas decided to open a House in his name. But above all, it is the year of the House's first semi-custom ready-to-wear collection. The show took place during the Paris Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2015. Manu Reas invited us to travel where the ancient and sober sensuality inherited from the Greco-Roman era and the modernity of the contemporary active woman harmonize on the same silhouette. This dreamed journey, between past and present, is embodied by the fluidity of the drapes made of wool, silk and cotton, an evocation of the ancient East, which blends with the energy of contemporary materials such as neoprene and other technical fabrics.

In July 2015, during Fashion Week Couture in Paris, Manu Reas presents his second couture collection. This time, the North Pole, with its dominant white gold, its sky sewn with precious stones, punctuated by a play of colours that bring a little warmth. It is this universe that the young fashion designer Manu Reas wanted to express through his creations.

In January 2016, Manu Reas presented her third collection "Edna et le miroir du temps" during couture week in Paris.

Manu Reas c’est l’image d’un regard, d’un esprit : celle de son créateur.


"Since 2012, I have had the chance to experience emotions, to meet fabulous people and real supports that I could not have imagined in this fashion environment, to help me express myself in creation.

I also had personal moments that made me doubt what I loved more than anything else in the world, to the point of questioning my vocation and threatening the pleasure of designing and creating creations that came out of my imagination. I withdrew into myself.

My Spring / Summer 2016 collection "Edna and the mirror of time" was my last collection, made in December 2015, despite the often enthusiastic welcome I received. So I decided to step back, to isolate myself outside France and above all to take time to find peace in myself.

For 3 years, I rarely touched up sewing, instead of drawing, I invested myself and found refuge in abstract art which allowed me to express myself through canvases of painting, to erase wounds, with a real therapeutic effect. I learned about myself and who I really was as a designer and also from my past experiences.

Over these 3 years, I relearned and began to rediscover the desire of the beginning, the pleasure and the desire that animated me and that made me live.

Today, I know what I want to embody through my future collections and who I really am.

For my return to the field, I wanted to combine my two worlds, sewing and painting, this imprint that represents well my two passions that I realize by hand, and by putting an accent on my imprint above my name in order to affirm even more my personality and authenticity in my future creations, to display a new vision of "my" fashion and "my" life, finally to breathe new fresh air on my future and the direction I want to bring to my creations, be it through my paintings or my clothing collections.